Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I consider leaving my country and going overseas for surgeries?

A: There are two main reasons for choosing overseas medical care:

The first reason is medical quality, and Taiwan’s excellent medical quality is well known internationally. Joshua can assist in connecting you to experienced specialists.

The second reason is the cost. According to several international media outlets, Taiwan is considered having the most advanced medical standards at the most reasonable cost.

Q: Why should I consider cross-border medical care through Joshua?

A: Joshua prioritizes patients’ rights, selects specialized physicians, medical teams and complete presentation of medical information, all of which will save you a lot of time searching and comparing on your own. Joshua can solve both two “headaches” for you: finding the right doctor and getting the best treatment, all in one.

Q: Should I provide my previous medical test report or diagnosis?

A: All the information or documents you provide will help our physicians understand your situation better, whether it is for specialist medical care, second opinion or distance diagnosis and treatment via videos.

Q: In addition to surgery, what are other services that Joshua offers?

A: In addition to surgery, Joshua also offers:

  • Medical second opinion
  • Distance treatment via videos service
  • For details, please refer to the “Service Process” on this website.

Q: Do you offer other specialized services?

A: Joshua still has many other resources for specialized services. If you have other needs for these services, please contact us.

Q: What are other expenses beside medical expenses?

A: In addition to medical expenses, you might need to take into consideration airfare, accommodation, transportation, and so on.

Q: What services does Joshua offer when I complete the treatment and return to my home country?

A: After you return to your home country, Joshua will provide a free distance medical video service, in addition to free post-operative counseling.

Q: Do you provide services for accommodation and reservation?

A: Yes, we do for accommodation.

We can provide information about accommodation, transportation, and subscription services near your medical institution.

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