Taipei Sexual Integrative Treatment Center

Dr. Kuang-Kuo Chen


  • Over 40 years of research experience in the field of urology.
  • Well-known with the unique “Sexual Treatment Integration Therapy”.
  • Specializes in the use of shock waves to treat male sexual dysfunction
  • Findings about the central nervous system regulating penile erection and movements
  • Received the “Outstanding Achievement Award” from the World’s Chinese Urology Society (WCUS-AUA).

Treatment Advantages

  1. Complete professional team: together with specialized physicians, psychologists, and nursing therapists, which help save referrals and waiting time.
  2. Sexual Tipping Point (STP) treatment model
  3. Identify the real cause of the psychological, physical and social factors of the case
  4. The group decision-making model is tailored for exclusive treatment.
  5. Quickly improve sexual function, remove risk factors that cause harm, and minimize recurrence rate.

Vice President of Veterans General Hospital

Attending physician at Urology Veteran, Taipei Veterans General Hospital

Urology Training, University of Minnesota

Professor of Urology, National Yang Ming University

Director of Urology, Taipei Veterans General Hospital

Director of Department of Surgery, Taipei Veterans General Hospital

Comparison between three treatment methods for sexual dysfunction

Team membersCombine specialists and therapists,
Do integrated treatment,
Combine professional groups
to provide complete services for each case
Therapists take the leading role
(psychologist, nurse)
Physicians take the leading role
(urology, obstetrics and
Principles of treatmentSTP modelPLISST modelPLISST model
Method of treatmentGroup decision-making, personalized tailored treatment
Led by the specialistLed by the specialist
Treatment ProcessIntegrated medical care,
Sex self-training courses (including sexcounseling,
sex education and cognitive
behavioral therapy),
Sexual health education
Mainly sex counseling,
sex education and cognitive
behavioral therapy
Mainly physiological medicine
Psychology consultationDepends on the needs of each case,
assessment and treatment will be arranged

Unable to deal with important
physical or mental problems
Unable to deal with important psychological problems or
issues with partners
After consultationNo need for referral,
Integrated team treatment
Referral to medical care,
Or marriage therapist
Related medical treatment,
Or referral therapist
Suitable casesLight to severe cases can be treated properly and completelyLight to moderate cases can
be treated separately
Light to moderate cases can
be treated separately
PrognosisQuickly improve sexual function,
At the same time remove the risks that might harm sexual function,
Minimize recurrence rate

Need more time for treatment
and daily practice,
Lower recurrence rate
Save time,
quickly improve patients’
condition, but patients might
suffer from the side effects of
drugs or surgeries,
Higher recurrence
*Due to the regulations, this website must declare that the patient’s condition varies from person to person and the treatment effectiveness cannot be guaranteed to be 100%.
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