Da Vinci Prostate Cancer Surgery Center

Prof. Yen-Chuan Ou


  • Da Vinci surgeries: more than 2,100 cases
  • Urology cancer diagnosis and treatment: more than 10,000 cases.
  • Performed many of the world’s and Taiwan’s first robotic arm surgeries.
  • More than 200 medical papers have been published, one of which won the world’s first prize in the 2012 British Journal of Urology.
  • Experience in treating patients from more than 20 countries.
  • Participated in more than 60 international new drug clinical programs

Treatment advantages

The advantages of Da Vinci surgical method in the treatment of prostate cancer:

  1. Surgical incision: 5 0.5-1.5 cm
  2. Bleeding volume: 50-100cc
  3. Operation time: 1.5-3 hours
  4. Hospital stay: 1-4 days
  5. Urinary incontinence recovery rate: 90-100% within one year
  6. Sexual function recovery rate: 60-95% within three years

Professor of the Ministry of Education
World’s Top 100 Da Vinci Surgeon
The 3rd National Biomedical Medical Quality Medal: “(Prophylactic) Robotic Arm Resection Prostatectomy – World Class Certified”
Outstanding Da Vinci Surgery Contribution Award: three times

Comparison between traditional surgery and Da Vinci robotic arm for prostate cancer

Surgery time1.5~3 hours1.5~4 hours2~4 hours
Bleeding rate50~100cc100~600cc200~2000cc
Blood transfusion rateWithin 1%5~20%20~60%
Wound size5 wounds,
5 wounds,
Days of hospitalization1~4 days after surgery
3~6 days after surgery5~10 days after surgery
Urinary incontinence recovery time90~100% within 1 year80~95% within 1 year60~95% within 1 year
Sexual function recovery time60~95% within 1 year50~90% within 1 year30~80% within 1 year
*Due to the regulations, this website must declare that the patient’s condition varies from person to person and the treatment effectiveness cannot be guaranteed to be 100%.
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