Service Process

  • Contact Joshua

    Step 1:

    Via emails, phone calls, social media to contact Joshua.

  • Provide information

    Step 2:

    Upload the information of your case (Ex: medical history, diagnosis notes, examination reports, etc.)

    Provide information

  • Choose service program

    Step 3:

    Choose the type of consultation:

    A. Medical second opinion or

    B. Distant treatment via videos

  • Checkout

    Step 4:

    Agree with the quotation and complete the payment.


  • Get information

    Step 5:

    If you choose A: a designated specialist will make an overall assessment based on your medical history, medical certificates, medical plans, etc. and issue a second opinion.

    Select B: a full-time video medical team from Joshua will be arranged to provide you video consultation.

Cross-border Medical Process

  • Consulting process

    Step 6:

    When you have completed the consultation and want to receive cross-border medical treatment, you will receive a medical plan, additional service options and an overall quotation.

  • Cross-border medical care

    Step 7:

    When you decide to go with cross-border medical care and other additional services, these services will be reserved for you.

    Cross-border medical care

  • Specialist Assistance

    Step 8:

    When you arrive, Joshua will send people to welcome you. During your stay, Joshua will also assign an assistant to assist you.

  • Post-operative consultation

    Step 9:

    When your treatment is completed, before returning to your home country, you will receive a complete medical record. After you return home, you will receive free post-operative consultation and a free distance medical consultation via videos.

    Post-operative consultation

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